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What is School of SaaS?

It’s a school built for the Internet Era. Just like you have multiple branches of engineering, we have schools on industry segments like SaaS & Fintech.

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  • Ideal team

    Developer, Designer and a person in the Product role.
    Team size: 2 to 4 members.

  • Time required

    Learn at your pace. Smarter teams do multiple iterations faster.

  • Startup Idea

    Choose from a pool of ideas if you don’t have one.


  • Build your Startup
    while you are in College

  • Live Sessions with Entrepreneurs

  • One on One Mentorship

  • New Perks at every level


year long
Graduation Support

Membership Fee & Scholarships

SV.CO has a nominal fee for membership. But very few students advance through our stages and qualify for the premium Silicon Valley program. Our students believe that the program is immersive and is a life changing experience. This shared learning and experience makes you a part of the Startup Village Collective for life.

Monthly Fee:
 per founder.

Scholarships available for deserving students.

Silicon Valley Program:

Scholarships available for top program performers. Separate qualification criteria apply.

Entrepreneurship is all about doing.
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Programme Framework

  • Admission at SV.CO

    • – Understand the Mission of SV.CO

    • – Team Formation & Membership Fee

    • – Join the Startup Village Collective

    • Learn More
  • Idea Validation

    • – Select an idea

    • – Develop basic engineering & design skills

    • – Live sessions by SV.CO & Freshdesk

    • – Office hours with faculty on idea validation

    • – Make a Product Summary

    • Learn More
  • Decide What to Build

    • – Reverse engineer a competitor

    • – Developing product & design skills

    • – Choose your technology stack

    • – Live Sessions on alpha prototyping

    • – Finalising product features for alpha

    • Learn More
  • Develop an Alpha Product

    • – Designing wireframes

    • – Developing a product deck

    • – Review engineering for product

    • – Product video & deck building skills

    • – Alpha launch & feedback at Freshworks HQ, Chennai

    • Learn More
  • Discover the First Customer

    • – Build journey deck

    • – Reach out to prospective customers for feedback

    • – Customer onboarding process

    • – Live session on finding customers

    • Learn More

Exposure to Startup Ecosystems

Students travel to key cities during the program for attending events

Frequently asked Questions

It takes a lot of industry experience to come up with a great idea to start-up. As students, we know that you lack that experience. To overcome this, we have a list of carefully chosen industry ideas which students in colleges can build. Each idea costs ₹10,000 of research by business analysts. You can thus join, even if you don’t have an idea.

Yes. We however, encourage exceptional school students to join.

Our program is only for college students: the only requirement is that you form a team, one (or more) team members should know how to code and communicate in English well. We also encourage exceptional school students to join. Because of the nature of our program, it’s very unlikely that graduates or experienced founders will benefit.

You need to have at least 2 members and maximum 4. Ideally, team members must have a mix of skills: engineering (software programming), design (UI, UX and Visual Design) and product (good knowledge of what makes a good software product). The SV.CO program does not teach these skills and assumes that student founders are confident and capable enough to pick up these skills during the program.

It’s not necessary that team members be in the same college or course, but ideally, they should all work together in the same place for the entire six month period of the course.

You can start the program today! Complete the sign-up form and start your startup journey.

Note: To complete the first stage, you need to form a team. This is because we strongly believe that a campus startup cannot be attempted by yourself; you require at least one co-founder with complimentary skills.

We do not directly fund startups. Instead, we take them through a guided learning program where they learn how to build a great startup. At the end of the program, getting funded is one of six graduation options.